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Bald Eagle at Portofino in Clayton,NC 27527

Bald Eagle at Portofino

This magnificent Bald Eagle and his mate came a calling to the pond at Portofino on Tuesday. She arrived first and flew around for a while, then he came in and perched on the fence post  having a staring contest with the Canadian Geese. The adult geese put the goslings in a circle and surrounded them, all facing the eagle. He then went over to the horse shelter to peruse the scene, Cody does not look amused!



This is a fine example of what can happen when development works hand in hand with the environment around it. At Portofino we have 400 acres but only have plans to build 190 homes, we have preserved the creeks and trees as much as possible and the result is evident. The seven miles of trails through the woods has all kinds of  neat things to see.

Bald Eagle at the horse shelter at Portofino

Along with the bald eagle, we have all kinds of trees and plants, deer, beaver,wild turkey, coyote, hawks. The pond is full of fish and the creeks have minnows, crawdads,frogs, salamanders. A kids dream!

Did I mention the horses?

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