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Developer Buys 200 Trees for Portofino

Developer Buys 200 Trees For Residents Of Portofino In Clayton.

Trees at Portofino

Norwood Thompson, the developer of Portofino in Clayton bought 200 seedlings from the NC Forestry Service to plant in the neighborhood and give to the residents.

They are now planted all throughout the neighborhood, there is a long row near the equestrian center that leads to the walking trails that go behind the Churchill neighborhood. There are two rows along the trails in Churchill. There are seedlings planted on Sicily Drive in the Belmont neighborhood.

Just in time for Arbor Day which in North Carolina is the first Friday after March 15TH. Portofino is in the Audubon Signature Program which provides environmental planning assistance to new developments. The neighborhood has been planned to protect as much of the natural setting as possible. The 400 acre property that borders the Neuse River has been relatively untouched for years and most recently was used to hide moonshine. The land has wonderful topography with steep banks that descend to the river, rolling hills, rocky outcrops and flat pastures.

Trees at Portofino
There are two creeks that wind their way through the heavily wooded property to the river. There is plenty of wildlife from the minnows and crawdads in the streams to the hawks and deer and the occasional Bald Eagle!

There are hundred plus year old live oaks which have been preserved and protected, there are benches and picnic areas throughout so the residents can enjoy the natural beauty of Portofino.  The homes are situated as much as possible along riparian buffers, creeks, trails or wooded areas to provide the homeowners with privacy.There are fewer than 200 home sites in Portofino which is very low density for a property this size.Trees at Portofino

The common area’s are irrigated by the fishing pond, and the landscaping features drought resistant grasses and shrubs.





Norwood purchased all kinds of trees among them Dogwoods, Southern Red Oaks, Persimmon, Yellow Poplar, Crabapple and Black Walnut, it will be nice to watch them mature and add to the beauty of Portofino.


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