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Show of Hands, Who had to Chase Down A Couple Of Runaway Horses This Week?

Show of Hands, Who had to Chase Down A Couple Of Runaway Horses This Week?

I did!!

The great thing about being the on-site agent at Portofino in Clayton, North Carolina is that there is never a dull moment. For example, I was driving through on Thursday morning, checking on the homes when I saw a resident in obvious distress talking to the fence installers who were finishing up her new fence.

I got out and asked if she needed help, she did, both her horses had got out and were in the neighborhood. I grabbed a head collar and we both jumped in our cars. At that moment we saw both horses galloping around the corner heading for the clubhouse. I took the construction road ( at great speed) which I hoped might allow me the chance to cut them off if they decided to head for the exit of Portofino ( not good!)

I made it to the main road just in time to see them take a right and head up to The Red Roof Inn and the paddocks, they were going back to see their friends.They had just been moved by their owner from the community pastures to their own five acre pasture at her house. It is a scary, scary experience to chase down horses who get loose, especially with cars involved. Portofino is well in off the main road and that helps a whole lot.

So they trotted around the grass next to the house for a bit until Kate who had some food with her went over and opened the paddock gate and they trotted in!! They were all excited, tails up and snorting out their noses. I would not like to have been those fence installers when Kate got home! Yikes!!

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