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“I Want To Come To The Open House At Portofino”

” Why can’t I come in to the open house?”

Why can't I come in on your nice shiney floors?

This is Tucker.

Tucker is from Virginia and his people are thinking of moving to North Carolina. They found Portofino on their way to I95 and came in to check out the trails and some of our houses. Tucker is four months old and he is very well behaved. He came on a trail ride with us in the mule and met two of the horses Krista and Cody….from a distance, he stayed in the mule.

He saw the wonderful Clubhouse where he got a drink of water and checked out the salt water pool and veranda, he peed in the grass next to the hundred year old oak trees. Then we took off to see the houses, and much as we love dogs here at Portofino, we ain’t letting a dog into the new homes. In fact, the builder of this home had just put the final coat of varnish on the floors of his house.

So off the folks went to check out the home, they loved it, and Tucker and I stayed on the porch!

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