Portofino: A Community Like No Other
Located along the Neuse River in Clayton, NC, Portofino truly is a community like no other. With over seven miles of nature trails, our own fishing pond, two sparkling pools, and access to onsite equestrian facilities, we are a unique destination. Residents enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with easy access to shopping, entertainment, dining, and much more. We are within an hour’s drive to Raleigh Durham International Airport, Research Triangle Park, and many local universities. Portofino earned the NC Homebuilders Association 2010 Community of the Year Award, and is an Audubon International Signature Program member. Unique features include the Portofino Equestrian Center and the Piazza at Portofino, an elegant venue for celebrations of all kinds.
The Portofino community has been called a “dream come true” by many of our residents. The community exudes southern charm and abounds in rich historical character, situated on land once owned by the prominent and legendary Flowers family of southern lore.
Portofino has been carefully planned to preserve and protect the natural beauty of the land. Whether you are enjoying the views along the Neuse River,  hiking the miles of trails, or simply sitting by the pool, you will see the results of this careful planning. We are proud to help developers use the land in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. We are a community that is planning for the future by protecting the precious resources around us.
Extensive care and thoughtful planning make Portofino an exquisite luxury place to live. All these elements and amenities combined make Portofino less like a place to live and more like a superb executive lifestyle where memories are waiting to happen. With open space, elbow room, community, friendship, neighbors, quality of life – Portofino truly is a perfect place to call home.
Current Residents
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Future Residents
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