Ways to Pay Assessments
Options for paying your monthly assessments are provided below for easy reference. Please note your account number is located at the top of your welcome letter and starts with a “t”. 
Option 1: Bill-Pay (also known as eBill) via your banking website:
Recurring or one-time payment via your banking website. Please include the Management Company ID (6883), your 4-digit Association ID (7813), and 7-digit Account Number as the account number (example: 6883-7813-t1234567).  There is typically no charge associated with this form of payment. 
These payments should be mailed to: 
Portofino Subdivision Homeowners Association 
c/o Towne Properties 
PO Box 621717 
Orlando, FL 32862-1717 
Option 2: Alliance Association Bank eCheck: 
If you prefer to pay via e-check, please visit the Alliance Association Bank site. You will need to provide the following information to register: Management Company ID (6883), your 4-digit Association ID (7813), and 7-digit Account Number. Payments made through Alliance Association Bank’s carry an additional flat fee of $0.95 per transaction. This is a fee to process the payment made directly to Alliance Association Bank, not to Towne Properties. 
Option 3: Community Café:
In Community Café, you can make one-time or recurring payments via credit or debit card.  Please note applicable third party fees will apply based on payment type, starting at 2.5% of the amount paid. 
Option 4: By Mail:
A coupon must be included with any payments that are sent by mail. Your community has opted out of mailing these. If you wish to mail your payment, please opt in to receiving coupon books in Community Café by clicking on Payments, then Coupons/Statement(s). Check the box next to “Please send coupon(s) to the address on file” and click save. Your assessment account will be charged $12.00 for the coupon book, so please increase your next payment by $12.00. 
Please contact a member of your management team if you have any additional questions about how to pay your monthly dues.